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We are the developers and manufacturers of foam products in Italy.  We supplies materials and resins, promoting the use and the knowledge of high technology products. Across its trademarks, it guides both the expert user and who does not know very well the materials to the purchase of the right products for the specific application required. We supply closed or open cell foams in boards, rolls, shaped pieces and even high valuable finished products. A 30-year-old experience in this sector offers: high quality and exclusive service. Cioni Materie Plastiche is your reliable partner for technical foams, converting and fabricating solutions.


Alluminized foil for foams

June 22, 2016

AcuTerm® ALU and TecnoPlus®. One of our specialities is the alluminized foil LayerComb manufacturing to obtain a easy-to-clean surface on one side of the sheet. It is available for AcuTerm®, TecnoPlus® and other substrates. Data sheet on demand  

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Our new web store

May 31, 2014

Hello professionists and general foam interested people! This is the new integrated web location of Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse. Now our company profile and sales division are showed together as they are; thinking about all your requirements, it's definitely our new design interface.  We hope you have a nice visit!

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